Feeders can also be made to accommodate "slow feed" bowls.


Feeders can also be built to fit your automatic feeding dispensers.


You pick the color!
You pick the style!
Made to fit your needs!


It has been medically proven that elevating your dogs food and water, when eating, dramatically cuts down their risk of suffering from Bloat, other wise known as twisted stomach. Elevated feeding also cuts down on the amount of air consumed by your dog, therefore cutting down the chance that they will vomit after eating.

Our custom made feeders are just what you have been looking for! They are hand made to match your dogs needs as well as yours. We custom make the feeder you want. Size, style and color are all up to you! Whether it be a traditional food and water bowl holding feeder or simply a one bowl feeder, large or small, short or tall, we can make it for you! Our feeders are built to last, and handle even the worst doggie mess! There is also storage space underneath for whatever you need. Leashes, meds and treats are now all in one place!

Our feeders come complete with heavy duty plastic crock style bowls, or if you prefer your own bowls, we can use them. Feeders can be personalized to your likings.

Prices begin at $60.00 and vary according to size, with a percentage of the profits being donated to local rescue groups! Help your dog and others by ordering your elevated feeder today!

Call Eric @  817-606-9835  or Lorie @ 817-503-5832 for more information!